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COVID-19 puts our used to be life momentarily on hold until we find and adapt to the next new normal ahead of us. While it may disrupt our normal life style, we should not allow ourselves to sit back and wait for everything to happen on us.

Once we ensure our health and safety, we have so many life issues to reflect. For the youth who happens to be in the universities and colleges, yet at home now, and the new graduates and practitioners, it is time for you to reflect and reinforce your academic choices and professional career to a new hiogher level. A wealth of online resources, including and and a host of webinars are at your disposal.

In the mean time, if you have a passion to research and write sound ideas on Ethiopian energy and power sector development covering.

  • Institutional, Legal and regulatory aspect
  • Project financing aspect
  • Electricty access aspect
  • Technology aspect
  • Private sector business and business model aspect
  • Energy Business startup aspect
  • Environmental and sustainability aspect
  • Public private partnership aspect
  • Energy Gender aspects
  • Community engagement aspect
  • Tenders and jobs aspect
  • Electricity pricing aspect and so on

Yet, you do not figure it out where to publish it (hopefully until you find your ideal place), eepBp provides the opportunity to publish your contents free of charge with editorial support. Women are highly encouraged. It is also open for senior practitioners.

Benefit: as you write you read and as you read more you strengthen your industry’s positioning building professional visibility and the right and quality connection along the way. By doing so, you will be able to focus more on what matters to your future as well.   

Knowledge is a potential power and eepBp believes you can unleash your potential if you take the first few steps and then the next at a time. Failing early is the road to early success.

The Window of opportunity is provided for those who show interest only from 8 May 2020 -7 June 2020. Please do send your interest to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

You may also subscribe to to receive eepBp regular newsletter updates and follow our social pages.

Language may be English, Amharic. Oromifa, Tigrigna, Somali so long as it makes sense to a certain segment of the community.


Network: Spreard the word to whom you think may be intersted.


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