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Energy Proclamation 810/2013 or download here and The PROCLAMATION NO.1085/2018: A PROCLAMATION TO    amend the Energy Proclamation No. 810/2013;

The National Energy Policy

Energy Regulation  447/2019

Geothermal Proclamation 981/2016

Draft Directive for OFF GRID Electricity  License 

Investment Proclamation 2012

Proclamation to Amend The Investment Proclamation/849/2014

Regulation to Establish the Ethiopian Energy Authority

Directives and standards-Ethiopian Electric Agency

Council of Ministers Regulations No. 49/1999 Electricity Operations Council of Ministers Regulation

Proclamation No. 269/2002 Ethiopian Rural Energy Development and Promotion Center Establishment Proclamation

Ethiopian Electric Utility Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation no 303/2013

Ethiopian Electric Power Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation no 302/2013


Trade-Competition-and-Consumers-Protection Proclamation

Public Private Partnership, PPP, Policy

PPP Proclamation(Proclamation No. 1076/2018)

Climate Resilient Green Economy, CRGE, Facility

Second Growth and Transformation Plan GTP II




Source: Ethiopian Legal Brief

              Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation




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