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(Xinhua, 01 March 2018)

Ethiopia earned 35.06 million US dollars from energy exports to Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya in the first six months of the current Ethiopian Fiscal Year, which started on July 9, 2017, an Ethiopian official said on Wednesday.

Speaking to Xinhua, Bizuneh Tolcha, Director of Public Relations and Communications Directorate at the Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, said the revenue met 81 percent of energy exports target during the six-month period.

Ethiopia had planned to earn 43.3 million US dollars during the stated period from energy exports.

Tolcha said the energy export revenue was earned through selling 100 MW of energy to Sudan, 70 MW of energy to Djibouti and 10 MW of energy to Kenya.

Ethiopia and Kenya are also building a 1,045 km electricity transmission line that will link grids of the two countries. Once completed the transmission line will have the ability to carry up to 2,000 MW of energy.

"Ethiopia's energy exports are part of a broader plan to economically integrate the East African region including through electricity," said Tolcha.


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