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New Standard Arise to Regulate Solar Panels



0 #1 Tigabu Atalo: Electrical Engineer, MBA in Business Leadership; Projects Manager; Renewable Energy adviser and Business Developer; Grid Extension Design, Costing and Supervision expert; 2018-06-05 17:42
Setting standards has multiple benefits and advantages. Some of them I could suggest

1. It helps protect consumers, end users and the societies’ health and safety issues; it also helps inform the consumers about the quality and the benefits they would get out of their purchases. Users would be guaranteed about the minimum performance and durability requirements.

2. From the businesses side, they will clearly know the compliance requirements in the country whether they are producing or importing to the local market. Having a clear standard would help them make an informed investment decision. It would also help the country reserve the badly needed foreign currency from being wasted for less quality purchases.

3. Generally, not having a standard would undermine the overall business environment for the solar market. In a country like Ethiopia where the solar market is still at a nascent stage, failing to have a standard will have a reverse effect. Ethiopia needs the solar systems to light up a large portion of the rural community. However, if the quality (Performance and durability) is not standardized and maintained, the consumers/end users would be discouraged to make additional purchases further spreading bad mouths ultimately negatively impacting the solar business and the overall goal of the country in reaching the rural population through off grid alternatives.

Standards are set for a reason and they should be enforceable. Otherwise, it is not possible to realize the benefits and solar home systems are not exceptions. To date, all formal solar imports to Ethiopia rely only on lighting global’s standards as a reference and it is good for the market that Ethiopia sets its own standard adapted to the local context. Hopefully, if the standard is approved, it would help control the lesser quality imports in the informal channels

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