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 from the purchases while promoting all solar products and solutions and the importance of adapting the alternatives to the local context so that the consumers make informed decisions to benefit themselves(before locked up in a single monopoly) and the country in the longer term.


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0 #1 Tigabu Atalo: Electrical Engineer, MBA in Business Leadership; Projects Manager; Renewable Energy adviser and Business Developer; Grid Extension Design, Costing and Supervision expert; 2018-08-26 00:16
The electricity access coverage of Ethiopia falls far behind even with regional measures. Grid connected household connectivity is only about 20+ percent of the population.

The government of Ethiopia through its National Electrification Program (NEP) and Implementation Road map (IRM) launched the Government’s action plan for achieving universal electricity access nationwide by 2025, in a strategic and comprehensive as well as efficient and transparent manner, for the benefit of all its citizens with fast-paced ambitious grid connections roll out program to reach 65% of the population and through enhanced design and reach of an off-grid access roll out program to reach 35% of the population.

To achieve these ambitious objectives, I believe, the country needs to experiment with all available options, scale them fast and deploy the best options that most makes business case to the local context.

In that sense, PAYGO models are one possible options at the country's disposal. It however requires to maintain the quality of products and services, keep the price competitive and affordable, facilitate the payment methods to be easier and transparent, control the minimum performance standards, clarify the after sales support options and educating the communities about the pros and cons of of all alternatives.

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