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The Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MoWIE) has announced that it is revising the National Energy Policy and Strategy to ensure access to energy for all. The revised National Energy Strategy takes into account the growing energy needs of the country, recent urban developments & the growing Ethiopian population among others.
The Ministry has consulted with & continues to consult with relevant stakeholders on the revised National Energy Policy and Implementation Strategy prepared by the Ministry.The previous energy policy was formulated 27 years ago. Therefore there is need to revise the policy & keep it current in that it should reflect the countrywide changes as well as worldwide changes within the sector.  
The Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Dr. Eng Seleshi Bekele, stated the importance of this policy revision as it is necessary to meet the growing developmental needs of the country.
He said the draft policy which is being discussed today has put into consideration the following:
  • The country’s 10 year strategic plan,
  • The Green Economy plan, 
  • The on-going home grown economic reform agenda,
  • The African Union Agenda 2063 &
  • the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Dr Eng Seleshi also noted that 87% of the country’s energy supply is still via biomass sources especially so in rural areas. He additionally talked about the need for this policy reform as it would allow for export substitution from fuel imports that are both costly government expenditures & take a large percentage of the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

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